Meet the face
behind the posts

I'm Samantha. travel enthusiast, Disney gal, mother of a wild boy, and wife to a South African. Born and raised in Michigan up until January of this year when we picked up our lives and moved to Texas! I discovered when I was 19 what it was like to travel the world and here I am today with big bucket lists in mind! Add a little one and we now have ourselves a big adventure ahead.
I set a goal for myself years ago that I wanted to visit 30 countries before I was 30 years old. I studied Hospitality and Tourism Management at GVSU with hopes I would land a job in the travel industry to continue my love for traveling. This worked! I have worked for a large hotel brand at different properties and within corporate (great hotel / car rental, etc. discounts YAY) which was the dream. Until Covid-19 hit and slowly diminished the tourism industry. My goal here is to keep the spirit alive because I'm in good hopes when the industry is safe to do so, it will jump back x100. All while showing the adventure of being a wife and mother to a future traveler. He's already been on five planes at 9 months old. Complete champ. 

I hope this blog can keep everyone dreaming of their next destination even if it's local. 

Enjoy our chaos