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I’ve encountered quite a few positive questions and comments about my blog lately since I started blogging out of no where.

If you‘re new here, the truth is I was in an industry that is now currently struggling to stay afloat (hospitality). I have a degree, I have almost 9 years of experience, I worked in an Executive role, and in corporate. Yet, my average rejection letter a day is 28 (even from stores saying I’m over qualified)

I had one interview and I was ghosted.

I realistically started ‘Miles Away Blanché’ because I missed having conversations with individuals from all over the world. I wanted a creative outlet and a place to share what I’m passionate about!

The polls and comments in my stories can also sometimes be hilarious if you follow me on Instagram.

Q&A - top questions I receive

How did you come up with the name?

I have had the name Miles Away Blanché in my head for quite awhile. I actually thought about it years ago, but never brought it up to anyone. I finally told my sister before anyone else that I was starting this, and mentioned the name to her. My husbands family is in South Africa, and I love to travel so ‘Miles Away’ just kept popping up in my head. Blanché is my last name. I put it together and since it practically rhymes I was sold. The name just feels like it sums up my entire life.

How did you change up your Instagram? I really started opening up and showing pieces of our lives way more than I used to. I also became very involved on Instagram. I use the full amount of hashtags so others will also find my page to relate. The very first day that I decided to do this, I ran more than twenty slides of polls to see who watches my stories, and who doesn’t mind telling me their opinion, etc. I did this to try to get to know everyone better and also to put myself out there more when I shared my answers.

What do you want out of all of this?

Of course online conversations will never equal out to real conversations, but the connections I’ve already made have been amazing. I want everyone to feel like they are talking to their best friend when they read my blog or message me! I also have been struggling to remember trips abroad, and even moments with Calihan. I want to document everything I possibly can to look back on. I eventually in hopefully the near future want to start more of a vlog as well. I just have to convince the husband to get in front of the camera first.

Do you make money from this?

I have made some money from working with companies. This is just a small amount, and they are mostly newer companies since my reach is new. The only other way I do make money is affiliate links. These are links from items that I have or I highly recommend. I receive a very small commission off of these items. I will never recommend anything just to recommend it because that’s not only my reputation as I keep creating content, but I’m also just not that person.

What is your niche?

As I change and grow, I’m sure this blog will along with me. It’s incredibly small at the moment as I’ve just started. I’m still trying to figure out what my direction is. I’m a mom of course so I tend to gear towards that and traveling since that is what I’ve known. I have also found new hobbies and passions that I love such as affordable fashion, DIY projects, and beauty products. I never had time for these before. Lifestyle blog sums it all up.

*there is also plenty of Calihan’s squints & different hairstyles*

Overall, I’m an open book. I love all of the messages, and the people I haven’t talked to since high school reaching out. I am enjoying this new stage of my life, and I hope my blog can help others find their passions as well.

- Samantha

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