Calihan’s Old Navy + H&M fall try on!

Fall is starting to hit Texas finally, and we are ready for the weather to cool down!

Calihan is growing quickly so finding clothing that is adorable but not costly is what we strive for each season. Old Navy & H&M seemed to be the perfect places to add to his fall wardrobe.

We found two pairs of pants, two thermal tops ($5!!!), two vests, and the cutest pair of shoes all from Old Navy!

Two fall sweaters from H&M kids as well!

Cal’s fashion show below

Sizing Reference:

Pants are size 12-18 months

Sweaters & Tops are also 12-18 months

Shoes are size 5!

The shoes are a little narrow so keep that in mind and are faux leather slip ons.

His frost-free quilted puffer vests came in camo as well!

His long sleeve thermal (purchased in white and navy) is also available in brown, red, black, and gray. He seemed very comfy in this and it’s perfect for pairing with his vest!

The sweaters from H&M also came in a variety of colors. His fine-knit cotton striped sweater also comes in a brown striped pattern that is next on my list.

All of these items passed the stretch test!

All linked here

xoxo, Samantha

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