Disney Cupcake as a Smash Cake

1st birthday smash cakes are the best invention ever! We knew a birthday wouldn’t be the same without something similar!

Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom had the perfect “smash cake” for our little man. This Mickey Halloween inspired cupcake was vanilla with white- yellow- and orange frosting (not our best idea), with a final touch of Mickey Mouse chocolate decorative ears.

We wanted to make our vision become reality and let him devour the cupcake right in front of the castle. We knew that Calihan could get messy, but boy did we underestimate!

Calihan not only had orange frosting ALL over his face, but he decided to run from us while we tried to clean him up. Laughing and smiling of course!

We were all having the best time even while we were chasing him.

Frequently we would get the:

“this is adorable!”

“he’s so cute!”

Lyall and I kept looking at each other thinking

“if you want to take him and clean him off go for it”

Since we worked at Disney previously and did not want to add any extra work for cast members, we cleaned every little piece up! This entire clean up event lasted longer than the cupcake did, but this moment was perfect.

Our birthday vision for Calihan was complete and this backup shirt from GG came in handy!

- Samantha

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