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This is us – Fact style No. 1 My Husband Lyall and I met at Disney World in 2013. Yes... where dreams come true. We laugh every time we tell anyone the story because their first awkwardly joking response 8/10 times is

“wow like a fairytale" I'm not into ruining a fairytale but we were just friends or co-workers to be exact. It was not until almost 10 months after being friends and my VERY last day on the program did Lyall come running to my place saying that we should consider dating. Took him long enough! :) No. 2 We were both cast members at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando! Lyall was outside saying “this is a giraffe; this is a zebra” If he read this right now, he would tell me that is not true, but it was part of it. *insert girl emoji with hands up like it is what it is* His day realistically consisted of being outside to greet guests and provide facts about the animals. See, he was on the Cultural Representative Program being that he was from South Africa. My position at the Lodge involved air conditioning. Everywhere and anywhere around the lodge. I was on the College Program and it was my very first time truly out of my small hometown. I was only 19! Pictured above is us at the Lodge. I'm wearing my favorite romper back then, that now most likely reminds us all of Carole Baskins. Yikes. No. 3 After Disney and long distance for 8 months, we moved to Michigan! I moved back to a city about 35 minutes from my hometown at the beginning of 2014 since my internship ended. Lyall moved to Michigan from South Africa in August! Majority of the time everyone assumes it was because of me (even though I like that idea) but he would play soccer anywhere the sport took him. Thankfully, Calvin College is in Michigan.

No. 4

We graduated in vastly different majors. I studied Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in events. “that’s the fun major right?” yes, it is. I get this quite a bit and I am not offended -because yes! It is a blast. Lyall double majored in Biology and Geography for his undergrad and is now at TCU for his Masters in Environmental Science. We can clearly see who the smarty pants is.

No. 5

We traveled to 9 countries together! Of course, South Africa being our number one travel destination. We LOVE our South African fam and the food. When Lyall arrives, he gets a packet of Salt and Vinegar Willards chips, a Chicken and Mushroom pie, and a coke. Absolutely nothing beats that first meal when landing off a two-day, multiple flights journey.

No. 6

My family traveled the 28 hour journey to South Africa in December of 2015 and Lyall proposed. Let's keep the cliché factor going with Lyall proposing on New Years Eve. I honestly could not have pictured a better proposal with both our families there though! Well done Lyall. Fast-forward to 2018, we were back in South Africa getting married with even MORE of our family and friends for our wedding. I will touch base on our whole trip in another blog with must sees and more! Having our family and friends together could not have been more perfect. So perfect in fact that I was pregnant in January. Whoops!

No. 7

Our son Calihan Miles was born October 2nd, 2019. I can now say that maybe more kids are in the future but when I give details about my labor and delivery, let us just say I am not sure how I’m even thinking of a second! He was born 7lbs 15oz with a head full of dark hair. The love for a child just does not compare to anything else.

No. 8

We moved to Texas! Yeehaw right?! I am not exactly sure if we quite fit in yet since we moved in January of this year, but I do know that the weather is much more us. I’ve never in my life had more than a two-week period that I could sit outside and enjoy the sun in January. How did I ever do the snow?

No. 9

Calihan started walking at 7 months! Absolutely ridiculous right? Mom’s mention quite a bit to me how once they start walking it's chaos. Well, we were the lucky / unlucky ones to get that so early. Child proofing has to be the toughest compromise I have ever had to do. Cute is practically out the window. I cannot have a cute plant on the floor to savvy up the living room – enter running child that does not understand that it is not to eat.

No. 10

We are re-watching Greys Anatomy right now once our son goes to bed. It's so strange how we decided to watch the 16 almost 17 seasons show AGAIN but here we are. Welcome to Covid season. Re-watching did help us decide some parenting tactics though with one being deciding our children will join us in ‘Dancing it out’ if they ever have a bad day. I am sure this will get embarrassing as they get older, but it’s officially required. I'm sure if you have me on Instagram you've seen Lyall and I do this with Cal if he's fussy. It does work let me tell ya!

We are excited for you to really get to know our family including what has worked for us so far!

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I'm Samantha. travel enthusiast, Disney gal, mother of a wild boy, and wife to a South African. Born and raised in Michigan up until January of this year when we picked up our lives and moved to Texas! I discovered when I was 19 what it was like to travel the world... 

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