One week until we have a one year old!

Time is flying! I thought 2020 would drag since we are all basically stuck living in pajamas from limited things to do! I was completely wrong.

We have a one year old - in one week. That also means October is almost here! The year is basically over in a flash.

Im loving the personality changes that came with this age. The fearless running, talking up a storm with random babbles, and him learning how to give kisses.

Lyall and I can’t help but look back at all of the photos & laugh over his little yawns, the first time he crawled (he wanted that bowl of milk from Lyall’s cereal that bad), and our choice of keeping his hair long.

that hair though.

I personally really struggled with the newborn phase and lack of sleep, yet now I wish I never wished it to go so fast. I’d love to go back to the sweet cuddles where he can’t run from me!

This upcoming week I am hoping will take its sweet time & parents that might have a newborn, enjoy every single moment!!

- Samantha

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