Pregnancy must-haves

1. I asked around when I was pregnant what was a big regret not to have after giving birth and this robe was the number one! I was so thankful I asked because this was a life savor for all of the pushing on your stomach, skin to skin, and more that makes you want to feel pretty all while the Doctors and Nurses have quick easy access! This one in particular is from PinkBlush Maternity!

2. Prenatal vitamins! There's quite a few options to choose from, this just had the best reviews and aren't horrible tasting. These specific ones are from Walmart but you can get them also on Amazon.

3. I wish I would have read 'Ina May's Guide to Childbirth' sooner in my pregnancy! I was so nervous to give birth and this book gave me all of the "women are STRONG" vibes. I received mine from Amazon but any bookstore will most likely carry this!

4. My birthday is in April so I was only about 16 weeks but my husband knew that the most practical thing was a pregnancy pillow for the next few months ahead. Thank goodness for this!! Sleep gets uncomfortable and this helps keep your back from killing any more than it already does. This one is from Macy's but you can find them on Amazon or even buybuy BABY.

5. Belly Butter is the dream! As your stomach stretches, it changes and that's totally fine! Remember you are growing a HUMAN. This belly butter just helped my skin feel smoother and hydrated throughout the day and at night. Another Walmart find!

6. Insert another great purchase from my husband! I struggle to drink water considering I can't stand the taste but when you're pregnant, water is that much more important. This water bottle helped keep myself aware of how much I have had so far throughout the day! I'm competitive so I loved that I was competing to be ahead of the game with drinking water. My favorite one is from Amazon but linked is the one from Walmart that was also highly recommended!

7. Pregnancy shapewear to me was amazing to have for my work outfits. I wasn't able to be in comfy clothes 95% of the time so wearing the shapewear supported the belly while I was in work clothes. Amazon and Zulily seem to both have the best options! All of these items are linked in the tab or you can click the photo to go straight to the site!

If you're reading this because you are pregnant, Congrats!! Exciting times ahead.

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