The happiest place on earth for the birthday boy!

Calihan’s first birthday was planned out in my head since the day I knew he even existed. I had a Pinterest board dedicated to the theme I wanted (Wild One), with animals galore. This seemed to be the theme for everything for him.

Our baby shower was safari themed, his room is safari themed, his dad is even safari themed (bad joke). - Lyall does love his nature conservation though.

All of this was perfected in every way, down to the color of the plates. The issue we faced now was the same issue everyone is facing.. how do you throw a party in a pandemic? How do you keep your grandparents safe and expect them to not want to be there at the same time? How do you tell your in laws you had a party, yet they are stuck across the world with closed borders?

So many questions came up. Lyall and I debated for months on what we wanted to do. We wanted a special day for Calihan, but just couldn’t wrap our heads around flying up to Michigan and convincing our loved ones that are vulnerable, to stay home instead.

insert Disney.

A random Saturday morning, just over a month ago, Lyall and I were having coffee like normal. We were talking around the island area in our kitchen when Lyall goes:

“when you picture Calihan’s first birthday what do you picture?” I all of a sudden out of no where had the strangest vision of Calihan walking down Main Street at Disney World. Apparently this was the perfect scenario to begin with.

We know Disney. We know the ins and outs, and how they go above and beyond for safety. (when we are back I’ll go over this more)

The moment I said it out loud, we both were tearing up at the thought.

Disney is where Lyall and I met. It’s every part of us. Everything feels right to celebrate a year of parenting together, and Calihan’s first birthday at the happiest place on earth.

So here we are,

Celebrating our greatest joy being one full trip around the sun, walking down Main Street towards the castle as tears are fully streaming down my face. I’m so thankful.

Happy Birthday handsome little man!

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