#TravelTuesday - no.1

Every Tuesday, I will post to my Instagram a #traveltuesday image to share an exciting travel moment. The location will be revealed on Wednesday before noon (CT). I'm excited to get everyone feeling the wanderlust vibes! This week I posted:

Location: Valle d'Aosta region in Italy!

Easy look up: Skyway Monte Bianco

History & Info:

These views became an idea in the 1930's but did not become a full reality until 2015! Count Dino Lora Totino decided he wanted a cableway that could connect Italy to France and vice versa. According to the montebianco.com site, he had a love for the mountains and that is what brought him to Valle d'Aosta. The journey takes you over the mountains into France starting at the Cormayeur/ The valley station where you can purchase tickets, find a cafe if you would like to eat before you go up, etc. Prices start at around 52 EUR a person for the full trip or 28 EUR for a shorter one.

Fun Fact:

If you happen to bring your dog all the way to Europe or if you're reading from there, it's 7 EUR!

I wont judge if you do.

The fun bench photo on the right was taken at Punta Helbronner / The sky, outside of Bistrot Panoramic after we put some food in our systems. The Bistrot Panoramic and the Mountain bar are both open during these tough 2020 times! There are many other acitivites as well listed on their website. This includes an Alpine movie hall, Art, Botanical Garden, and more.

What brought me there: I studied abroad in 2017 and it was part of our studies / fun excursions! I remember being a little nervous about the height going up, but nothing is better than the feeling of being level with the clouds. Once we were up at the top of the mountains and could walk around, we all received the famous data rates apply text saying, "Welcome to France". Honestly being a newbie in traveling, the text and the views put me on Cloud 9. Literally.

The best part is if you are somehow traveling, it's open! Ready to show you the sky.

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